Poll Results Show EA Sports Season Ticket Deemed Undesirable

Posted August 15th, 2011 at 5:15 pm

The EA Sports ‘Season Ticket’ subscription plan offers the opportunity to download and play five different titles three days before they arrive in stores along with a 20% discount on DLC on top of that for $25. Reactions toward the program have ranged from disdain to indifference or acceptance. One thing obviously lacking is any enthusiasm – maybe extending those three days out to a week or so would have made it more appealing on the surface. 

With over 6400 respondents chiming in the poll results show that only a small percentage plan to buy into the ‘Season Ticket’ with most choosing not to more because the value was determined to be lacking rather than just dismissing the subscription idea outright. That might be somewhat encouraging for EA but initial curiosity in this first year will likely not be sustained in future years unless more value is added – that could be through including other franchises in the mix, extending the early play period or expanding on the DLC savings percentage, or offering other more worthwhile perks like being able to transfer DLC from one iteration to the next.