NBA 2K12 Adds Training Camp Feature

Posted September 12th, 2011 at 6:15 pm

2K Sports today unveiled a new mode for NBA 2K12 referred to as ‘Training Camp’. The mode acts as a series of tutorials rather than being similar to the ‘NBA Academy’ introduced in the NBA Live series which was more intended as a multi-faceted practice and learning environment. In total there are nine camp “lessons” in 2K12 that include running through different shots, moves, passing execution, and defense.

This will be a welcome addition to the series which has taken some flak for its complicated control scheme and lack of accessibility even as its popularity soared. ‘Training Camp’ includes just the basics though and while completing moves in sterile situations can help build a level of comfort and confidence that may ultimately be too limited. For many jumping into the five-on-five environment, and having to control the entire team, is when things really can become intimidating and the current practice mode doesn’t do enough in its current state.