FIFA 12’s Impact Engine Proving Problematic

Posted September 19th, 2011 at 1:15 pm

The demo for FIFA 12 released last week offering the opportunity to experience the enhancements made for the latest iteration in the intensely popular series first-hand. One of the most heralded features is the new “Impact Engine” which is intended to deliver more realistic player interaction and outcomes.¬†Unfortunately many are finding bizarre moments being driven by the new physics engine.¬†

It’s important to note FIFA 12 is no NBA Elite. Videos such as these and articles (like at Deadspin) about them aren’t going sway many purchase decisions as the series has built up too much credibility and has an unmatched following of supporters. There does seem to be an unanticipated level of concern now however.

FIFA is the most popular sports game in the world – but that doesn’t mean the potential for a stumble along the way is eliminated. If the “Impact Engine” does turn out to have an array of problems there will be a massive uproar about it. That’s seen already in the sheer number of videos that have been uploaded to Youtube incorporating “Fail” in the title that are picking up tens (or hundreds) of thousands of views.

Demo builds typically run behind final builds by well over a month so these issues could very well be largely cleaned up for the retail release next week. We will actually learn sooner than that though – FIFA 12 will be available to play with the EA Sports ‘Season Ticket’ starting on Friday.