First NBA 2K12 Association and Online Details Beginning to Emerge

Posted September 27th, 2011 at 5:45 pm

Since 2K Sports has yet to discuss either Association mode or online play – and NBA 2K12 is set to release in less than a week – it’s no surprise that now details are starting to leak out from individuals who have obtained the game early.

It’s far from the most ideal way to collect information or check out gameplay videos especially since they all seem to be coming from cell phone cameras so far. This is the situation 2K created though by holding off so long (retailers don’t even have full feature lists to promote or educate with) as they lose control over how the info ends up coming out.

From these two videos (AssociationOnline) we can ascertain the following regarding NBA 2K12: 

•Association mode looks to be largely unchanged at least as it relates to playing in the standard offline manner. We do know however that there will be Online Association for the first time ever which represents the big advancement this year. Users will be able to compete in the franchise against other users and/or CPU controlled teams. Outside of that the structure to how it will all work remains shrouded in mystery.

•The website will be launching (presumably next week coinciding with release) and will feature the ability to manage Online Associations – completing trades, managing rosters, and running drafts. The site will also house uploaded highlights, screenshots, and ‘My Player’ career mode progress/stats.

•There are no online leaderboards found within the game menus. Instead they will be located on the website.

•There are no online lobby rooms. Team-Up looks to be easier to organize however.

•There is still no ability to save playbooks for use online.

•’Crew’ mode online appears to have been removed. That would then suggest that the only way to play online w/ one’s My Player may be through the paid DLC that was discovered yesterday.