Madden NFL 12 Mobile Version Receiving Heavy Criticism

Posted September 28th, 2011 at 8:15 pm

It was somewhat of a surprise when Madden NFL 12 for iOS released a month ago and was found to have taken a step back from the generally well-received Madden NFL 11. In fact Madden 11 won the community award for last year’s “Best Mobile Game”. Along the way something went terribly wrong with Madden 12 – even though there was little actually added to the game it didn’t deliver on the promise of improved graphics and gameplay.

In our review it was stated that “the game is essentially a roster update of the previous year that somehow plays worse”. CNET did a nice recap today of all the complaints coming in. It currently has a 2.5 star rating for the iPhone and 2 star rating for the iPad – terrible for an app of its supposed caliber and price.

This was the first time that Madden released on Android and I can say the gameplay is horrid – practically unplayable and a waste of money. I have one of the more powerful phones out there and what Madden 12 ultimately offers me are some sharp looking menus and rosters that were updated originally but haven’t been since. It’s nice to see the iOS side getting updates but nothing has been done for Android yet and given the support levels I’m not counting on it happening soon if at all. Hopefully the iOS devices will see marked improvement with updates going forward but that remains to be seen.