A Look at NBA 2K12’s Broadcast Cameras

Posted October 24th, 2011 at 3:00 pm

Laying out the authentic broadcast cameras in the two MLB titles (The Show2K11) turned out to be amongst the most popular pieces on the site in the early part of the year. While MLB deals with unique park dimensions and camera placement the NBA basically has a standard spot that all arenas abide by. Still there are some subtle differences in broadcast cams – so presented are the 30 of them here. Notice there are slight variances in angle, steepness, and zoom.

Though there is less a sense of adjustment compared to playing with the variety of MLB cameras it can still provide a different feel – certainly noticeable when going from Phoenix to Denver for instance. This is also a chance to see the differences in arena lighting. Continue on to check out the 30 broadcast cameras (they can also be seen in larger form here) and leave any thoughts or observations in the comments!