Scripts for Independence Day Sequels Nearing Completion – Will Smith Not Signed On Yet

Posted October 27th, 2011 at 4:00 pm

A sequel to the 1996 blockbuster Independence Day, which grossed over $800 million worldwide, has been heavily rumored over the years – with the skyrocketing price of both star Will Smith and director Roland Emmerich being the main stumbling block to getting the project rolling. Along with writing partner Dean Devlin, Emmerich has continued to talk about ideas and the possibility of one or possibly even more sequels despite that. Now comes the news that the duo is finishing up the scripts for two sequels that would be filmed back-to-back in the same fashion many franchises have turned to, or plan in the case of Transformers and Fast and Furious.

Independence Day 2/3 would carry its story over the course of both films rather than being completely standalone (comparison made to Back to the Future 2/3). They would still work on their own but blend together in some sense. Vulture reports:

Nothing has been yet settled, because almost a year ago all concerned parties elected to retreat and focus instead on first getting the scripts right; they’re expected to be delivered to Fox by early to mid-December of this year at the latest. Insiders tell us that Fox is willing to make the movies without Smith, if necessary, but he is what helps make the films a sure thing: Can the stuck-in-neutral movie business, let alone Fox, afford to lose him?

Obviously so much rides on them securing Will Smith – he is really the only bankable movie star left that can guarantee a big opening – with his next film not until May (Men in Black III) marking a gap of three years. Recently Emmerich commented that Smith was on board with the idea for the story which is encouraging but it’ll end up coming down to the money. It’s hard to imagine that Fox won’t ultimately commit what they need to in order to bring him back however.