WWE WrestleFest Set to Release Next Week

Posted February 16th, 2012 at 1:15 pm

According to Pocketgamer the remake of WWE WrestleFest for iOS (see the earlier article for more details) will release on Tuesday the 21st. That is the date THQ has been teasing in recent images they’ve posted on their ‘WWE Games’ social network pages.

The article goes into further details including how the game will include a mix of current stars and legends (obviously “Macho Man” and Randy Orton are confirmed), a multi-player mode, and extensive downloadable content probably in the form of additional wrestlers and venues. As of yet there is no word on how much the base game will cost and it’ll be interesting to see how well a nostalgia driven button-masher ultimately translates to today’s touch screen devices. Check out some screenshots in the gallery!