WWE WrestleFest Also Coming to 360 and PS3

Posted February 21st, 2012 at 10:30 am

THQ released the remake of WWE WrestleFest on iOS today for $2.99 (iPhone/iPod touch) and $3.99 (iPad) but made an additional announcement regarding other platforms. The game is being developed for Android, PC, Xbox Live Arcade, and PSN/SEN with release planned for sometime later this calendar year.

The button-mashing ’90s arcade hit created a good deal of excitement in its return but early impressions around the game have been decidedly mixed and are trending negative. There is a “lite” version of the app that can be tried for free so that may be the best way to check it out and determine if it’s worth a mobile purchase. WrestleFest doesn’t appear to be a real natural fit for a touch screen device and expectations built on nostalgia can be especially tough to live up to. That makes the future versions for the 360 and PS3 more highly anticipated as they can be truer to the original in terms of visuals and controls.