NBA 2K12 on PS3 Gets Patched to Address Freezing Issue at Boot

Posted February 24th, 2012 at 9:00 am

For several weeks many consumers of NBA 2K12 on the PS3 have had difficulties in getting the game to a load up completely and advance to the main menu – instead being met by a game freeze when the saved settings would attempt to load. A workaround, to delete game files, seemed to allow access to the game in the meantime though even that didn’t work for everyone and frustration from those locked out completely from playing NBA 2K12 had been building.

Yesterday an update was released on the PS3 that should fix the issue and hopefully put it to bed. No word yet however on whether content such as saved shoes that were lost in the deletion of files will be recovered in some fashion. Early reports seem to suggest that the patch has worked and the freeze at start-up is no longer present for those who were having difficulty with it – but it’s something that will need to be monitored in the days ahead.