MLB 2K12 Patch Won’t Arrive Before May

Posted March 8th, 2012 at 3:45 pm

While 2K Sports is collecting feedback for an upcoming patch of MLB 2K12, which undoubtedly has a multitude of issues to consider, the company has publicly stated not to expect it to come until at least May. The explanation behind that comes down to 2K not wanting to alter the game during the month in which the $1 Million Perfect Game Challenge takes place.

That makes sense from the standpoint that changing 2K12 in any way could disrupt players who have tried to get handle on the game prior to the challenge and would affect how perfect games are achieved in one part of April to the other. However the more pertinent reason may be due to legalities in relation to the contest that would prevent them from doing so with the necessity that the entire period be uniform in terms of game experience and rules.

The downside of course is that everyone has to wait longer for a patch that is desperately needed. A target of May should not necessarily be a surprise however – the patch for MLB 2K11 didn’t materialize until May 18th last year.