Big Sale on Three Recent EA Sports Releases: SSX, FIFA Street, and Grand Slam Tennis 2

Posted March 19th, 2012 at 8:45 am

In the last month EA Sports relaunched three franchises to mixed results. Those three have now received significant price reductions with SSX and FIFA Street falling to $40 and Grand Slam Tennis 2 down to $30 at Amazon making them much more appealing as potential purchases.

SSX (Xbox 360PS3) has generally been well received since launching at the end of February. Amazon did originally offer a $10 promo credit with pre-orders so this amounts to an extra $10 shaved off from then.

FIFA Street (Xbox 360PS3) should never have been a $60 title to begin with. It’s alarming then that the price has dropped $20 and the game hasn’t even been out a week. There were no pre-order credits offered for the title either so it’s a large, sudden drop that is likely to infuriate those who paid full price last week.

Grand Slam Tennis 2 (Xbox 360PS3) was originally a $50 title which included a $10 promo credit so like SSX it represents an additional $10 savings since that offer was available.