Tim Tebow Traded to the Jets. Then maybe Jaguars? Nope Jets it is.

Posted March 21st, 2012 at 10:00 am

It didn’t take long for the Denver Broncos to ship Tim Tebow out of town. The New York Jets have reportedly acquired Tebow for a 4th round pick. The Jets will likely utilize Tebow to both push starter Mark Sanchez, who just got a large contract extension, and in special packages.

The thought of Tebow entering the largest media market and being combined with Rex Ryan is about the worst case scenario that could ever have been imagined.

(Update) And now comes news that there may be a snag in the deal relating to a clause in Tebow’s contract, which the Jets apparently didn’t bother to read until after agreeing to the deal. If the trade is ultimately nullified it’s reported that he may instead go to the Rams or the Jaguars could get back in the mix.

(Update #2) Tebow is apparently now being given the opportunity to choose his destination – Jets or Jaguars. Who other than Tebow would possibly ever find themselves in this situation? It would seem likely then that he would want to go back to Florida.

(Update #3) The trade to the Jets is actually going to happen. Seemingly now official. This probably not by Tebow’s choice but the best deal for the Denver organization.