Netflix Considering Picking Up The River and Terra Nova

Posted March 24th, 2012 at 12:15 pm

As Netflix continues to expand their streaming service content they’ve become a potential landing spot for network series that get canceled to live on. Until now, potential opportunities discussed such as bringing on The Event for a second season haven’t materialized. The one exception – and it was an especially unique case – was getting the new season of Arrested Development in 2013. Two new possibilities have recently arisen however which look to have more some level of optimism behind them.

Terra Nova, the big budget sci-fi drama, was axed by Fox due to its mediocre ratings. ABC’s horror series The River has also struggled and looks likely to be canceled. Producers from both shows are now in discussions with Netflix where they could get new life. Both would seem to be a good fit for a “watch anytime” streaming service given they did well with DVR viewing audiences despite their lagging ratings.