DLC Course Prices Rise with Tiger Woods 13

Posted March 27th, 2012 at 9:30 am

One important feature addition with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 is the ability to secure rounds on downloadable content courses using “coins” earned in-game. It’ll take some time to evaluate the rate “coins” are earned and how much time with DLC courses that will equate to but early indications are it will not be plentiful enough to significantly erode the value of the DLC and the potential revenue EA Sports expects to earn from it.

Taking into account that some consumers may now attempt to avoid buying courses due to the feature the prices of the DLC have actually been raised. Individual courses in Tiger 13 sell for $5 which is up from $4 with Tiger 12. The big pack of 11 courses is going for $40 with Tiger 13 compared to Tiger 12’s pack of 13 courses that sold for $35. 

•$5 for individual courses – 16 total courses currently available.

•$20 for 5 course pack: Spyglass Hill, TPC at San Antonio, Liberty National, Banff Springs, Greek Isles (Fantasy)

•$24 for 6 course pack: Waialae, Atlanta Athletic, River Course at Blackwolf Run, Costa Navarino, Predator (Fantasy), Highlands (Fantasy)

•$40 for 11 course pack (all DLC courses): Spyglass Hill, TPC at San Antonio, Liberty National, Banff Springs, Waialae, River Course at Blackwolf Run, Atlanta Athletic, Costa Navarino, Greek Isles (Fantasy), Predator (Fantasy), Highlands (Fantasy)

•Other DLC: Sponsorships ranging from $3-7 ($24 total if all bought).

•The five extra courses included in the Collector’s Edition have not yet been released as a set of DLC. Those are PGA National ($7), Pinehurst ($5), Oakmont ($5), The Old White TPC ($5), and Straits Course at Whistling Straits ($5 – listed as Liberty).

Total current cost when DLC courses obtained
-Collector’s Edition: $110
-Regular Edition: $127