MLB 2K12 and MLB 12: The Show Player Face Comparison Results

Posted March 27th, 2012 at 3:30 pm

MLB 12: The Show won out in the player face battle against MLB 2K12 by a greater margin than originally anticipated. Though once again each game had their share of faces that turned out better than the opposition 2K12 had far more that were missed on in and usually in embarrassing fashion. Over 41,000 total votes were cast and the final tally comes in at 21-6 in favor of The Show. That represents a significant percentage increase over 2011 (14-6) and 2010 (11-8-1). Continue on for a look at the breakdown of each of the 27 individual match-ups. 

There were far more blowouts than in past evaluations. The Show had 5 players that collected over 90% of the votes and 10 that came in over 80%. On the other end 2K12 managed it’s largest margin of victory with Justin Verlander’s 72% and had to scrape by in a few of match-ups that it did eventually win.

MLB 12: The Show – Winners
David Ortiz (96%)
Jesus Montero (95%)
Adrian Gonzalez (95%)
John Axford (90%)
Joe Mauer (90%)
Jered Weaver (89%)
Joey Votto (86%)
Derek Jeter (86%)
Justin Upton (86%)
Prince Fielder (83%)
Jose Bautista (79%)
Pablo Sandoval (77%)
Lance Berkman (72%)
Jose Reyes (72%)
Andrew McCutchen (71%)
Jose Valverde (69%)
Ryan Braun (68%)
Dustin Ackley (62%)
Mariano Rivera (60%)
Matt Kemp (58%)
Troy Tulowitzki (58%)

MLB 2K12 – Winners
Justin Verlander (72%)
Albert Pujols (64%)
Clayton Kershaw (61%)
Brian Wilson (55%)
Michael Pineda (54%)
Roy Halladay (51%)