EA Sports Announces DLC for SSX

Posted April 16th, 2012 at 5:15 pm

“Classic” downloadable content will be coming to SSX on May 1. EA Sports today revealed plans for the DLC detailing the content and pricing. The “Mt. Eddie Pack” and “Classic Characters Pack” will be available for $6 individually or $8 bundled together. 

Mt. Eddie Pack
•Mt. Eddie – an over the top, TRICKY inspired, ultra-long track (9 drops)
•Retro music tracks including two from previous SSX games

Classic Characters Pack
•SSX classic cast featuring 7 characters
•Each character comes with an assortment of outfit colourways
•7 unique snowboards – one for each of the characters in the pack

SSX struggled to gain traction in the marketplace with the price of the game quickly dropping all the way down to $30 within just a couple weeks. Though the “classic” DLC will surely interest the hardcore fans of the series it may be asking a bit much to expect additional investment in the product from the more general or casual segment of consumers.