MLB 12: The Show Patch Causing Freezes and Save Compatibility Issues

Posted April 17th, 2012 at 9:45 am

When the patch for MLB 12: The Show released last week it was noted that there were many reports coming in of pre-existing Franchises and Road to the Show careers being unable to advance due to freezes. More about the issue is known now along with another major feature – cross platform saves between the PS3 and Vita – being affected by the problem.

One of the more prominent problems that was addressed in the patch was fixing the schedules so that games started at the proper times. In an effort to do so it has created an error that seems to be occurring in the month of April and with a handful of specific teams and those that they play. That month will cause a problem in any year and is not limited to 2012. It has also caused some teams to only have 161 games on the schedule for the season.

In MLB 09 a similar fix was made to scheduling that forced all ongoing Franchises and RTTS careers to restart. In the case of MLB 12 only those under specific circumstances are being adversely affected but that is still a lot of people.

Surprisingly the PS3 patch arrived without a matching one for the Vita – so the schedule times are fixed on one side and not on the other. Because of this transferring a save between the two creates freeze conditions. For now the company is basically suggesting consumers avoid utilizing the feature. While losing pre-existing Franchises/RTTS makes for a huge inconvenience to those affected to say the least, breaking a feature that has been advertised heavily is arguably much worse.

SCEA has yet to state that a fix is in the works but it’s hard to imagine there won’t be given that it’s only mid-April and it’s absolutely necessary to fix the save compatibility between the Vita and PS3.