Cam Newton vs Calvin Johnson in Madden NFL 13 Cover Tournament Finals

Posted April 18th, 2012 at 8:30 am

It’ll be Cam Newton facing off against Calvin Johnson for the honor of being Madden NFL 13 cover athlete. The two disposed of Patrick Willis and Aaron Rodgers respectively in the previous round and have appeared destined to meet in the finals for weeks. Both are well deserving of being the representative this year and it’ll be interesting to see which one has the strongest support now to seal the deal.

Going into the finals it may be Megatron that is the favorite. Both demolished opponents throughout the competition but in the last round it was Johnson with the stronger showing pulling in 67% against Rodgers while Newton only managed 53% over Willis. Johnson has faced the tougher road to the finals having also to get by Arian Foster and Rob Gronkowski – he did so easily pulling in 73% and 63%. Even against tough competition he has never been threatened. Newton crushed names like Antonio Gates and Larry Fitzgerald but showed some vulnerability by only squeaking out the victory over Willis.

Voting in the finals is open now at the ESPN Madden 13 Cover page – the results will be announced the day before the NFL Draft begins on Wednesday April 25.