What Sports Game From The First Third of the Year Failed The Most?

Posted May 1st, 2012 at 11:15 am

The primary releases from the first four months of 2012 may best be remembered for their major issues than what they got right. There were a few good games in the mix but even those didn’t arrive in clean fashion or even fix what ailed them later on.

That got me to thinking – which of these games failed you and/or what companies have been the most unethical with their practices? A significant investment is made whether $20 for the UEFA DLC, $60 for the standard retail games, or $80 for those who bought both versions of The Show. It’s unfortunate that issues of such a nature that truely affect the experience and value have arisen with these games and the severity of them have certainly stood out beyond what is typically accepted as the norm. Continue on for a recap of where these games have faltered, vote in the poll, and leave your thoughts on the topic in the comments. 

UFC Undisputed 3
•10 fighters – many of which arguably should have been on the base roster – held back for DLC.
•Confusing process to obtain a free Alistair Overeem and codes that didn’t go out smoothly.
•Ignored community requests over months only to put out surveys later.
•2 1/2 months later and still no patch.
•Poor online performance.

MLB 12: The Show
•First patch breaks save compatibility between the PS3 and Vita for the heavily advertised and crucial cross-platform play feature.
•First patch causes freezes for many with their Franchise and RTTS forcing restarts.
•Second patch causes more problems.
•Online Home Run Derby advertised but not delivered.
•Terrible online performance and poorly designed Diamond Dynasty mode.

MLB 2K12
•MLB Today Season didn’t work for the first two weeks of the season and it continues to have issues making the biggest feature addition worthless.
•Could only beat The Show in 6 of 27 player face comparison matchups.
•No patch until well into May because of the Perfect Game Contest.
•Just in general a very poor effort all around.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13
•DLC costs rise – an absurd $67 worth of extra courses.
•Wacky purchase system on PS3 costs consumers extra money.
•More courses held back as DLC than provided as part of the game.
•Game Face feature broken.

•Deceptive advertising in regards to unlicensed nations.
•Nearly half are unlicensed – something EA never mentioned until called out after release.