2K Sports Ignores MLB 2K12 Perfect Game Controversy – Competition Continues As Though Nothing Happened

Posted May 10th, 2012 at 4:45 pm

While the in-person tournament portion of the $1 million Perfect Game Contest with MLB 2K12 takes place in New York the shroud of controversy looms large. Rampant cheating ruined any legitimacy the contest had – tactics that were well known prior to the contest ending by those taking part and by 2K Sports – yet none of the top 8 scorers were eliminated or seemingly even had their actions further scrutinized. 

The flippant response 2K gave Kotaku, which as a publication has actually promoted the contest on multiple occasions, was unacceptable and insulting to everyone who invested their time in making attempts at perfect games. As such Kotaku has pushed hard on the subject harshly criticizing the company a few days ago and today following up with them as they continue to act as though the competition is anything but a sham. While the rules did not expressly prohibit changing the CPU’s lineup the company made public statements that it was not allowed and it was implied in the rules – and regardless there was the necessary wording to eliminate any entries that they deemed questionable for any reason.

At this point it shouldn’t be a surprise that they would let cheating slide in an attempt to deflect negative PR that would come from admitting they flubbed the competition. With the MLB 2K series likely having seen its last release they have no investment in making sure there is consumer confidence in the product and it’s advertised features and promotions. Whether this will lead to litigation – those who missed out on the top 8 because of cheating would certainly have a claim to be made – remains to be seen.