First NBA 2K13 News Coming Soon

Posted May 26th, 2012 at 12:30 pm

2K Sports is now teasing a “big announcement” to come in the next few weeks relating to NBA 2K13. With E3 just around the corner that could the place it happens – or it could simply end up coinciding with the peak of interest in the league when the NBA Finals are taking place in mid-June. Both opportunities have been utilized before for promotions and specifically the announcement of cover athletes.¬†

In recent years the upcoming time frame has brought news on Kevin Garnett as the cover athlete for NBA 2K9, Kobe Bryant being on the cover of NBA 2K10, Michael Jordan signing on for the cover of NBA 2K11, and the PlayStation Move functionality in NBA 2K12.  Generally it has been those marketing rich type announcements at this time of the year rather than something feature related. In the case of the Move demo at E3 that was for the Sony press conference as they tried to push their motion hardware rather than it acting as a showcase for the game.

Knowing this means setting the proper expectations for a near future NBA 2K13 announcement with the likelihood in mind that it will be either cover related or something else with a very wide scope. It could even have to do with the involvement of celebrities – 2K has been publicly contacting many in an effort to bring them in for a mystery initiative and we already know Justin Bieber will be playing a role in whatever that may be.

While it’s possible that ultimately it could have to do with a feature it would be best not to get up hopes for that given how 2K’s M.O. is to save information on those until closer to release time. This has to be something that will make news to a wide audience and won’t address concerns from past iterations (such as making assurances that online play will be improved). The cover, celebrity involvement, or a basic theme would be the most likely news to come out whether that happens at or following E3 in early June.