“Zoomed” Camera Angle for Madden NFL 13

Posted May 31st, 2012 at 10:00 am

There’s an understandable lull in news for Madden NFL 13 as the days lessen until the highly anticipated announcements for the game arrive. On Monday at EA’s pre-E3 press conference the “monumental change to gameplay” and “Connected Careers” features will be revealed and that of course will be followed by all sorts of details and videos of Madden 13 from the show floor the next day and throughout the week.

In the meantime one nugget has been dropped as EA Sports released an image showing off a new playable “zoomed” gameplay camera for Madden NFL 13. Opinions will obviously vary on how good it is and whether it’ll be worth using but at least Madden is offering a number of options as opposed to NCAA Football 13 which doesn’t even provide any alternate camera angles.