MLB 2K12 Patch Details

Posted June 2nd, 2012 at 11:00 am

In what may very well be the last action for the MLB 2K franchise as it comes to an end 2K Sports has released a patch for MLB 2K12 taking nearly three months to do so. MLB Today Season, the main new mode for the game, inexcusably has been busted all along and this patch doesn’t appear to be promising a complete fix. Other prominent issues are going unaddressed as well. In general it’s a much less extensive update than the company has provided in past years which may not come as much of a surprise considering the circumstances.

•Hid the Upload options when not signed in.
•Pitcher fatigue is properly set when loading back into a previously saved game.
•Fixed problems where screenshots were corrupted prior to uploading to 2k Share.

MLB Today & MLB Today Season
•Fixed crash in MLB Today based on schedule updates
•Fixed crash when restoring default roster.
•Fixed to properly use the date/time from the schedule to determine time of day for the game.

•Fixed the rate on bad swing reactions, which was sometimes nearly 2x while player took several steps on camera
•Improved the look of gathers in certain uncommon situations.
•Fixed the “auto pitch” bug after a double switch.
•Improved the base runner responsiveness when making decisions to advance and retreat with a ball in play.
•Improved the playability of rundown throws. Previously they were too hard due to the fill speed of the throwing meter
•Improved the base runner responsiveness when tagging up and launching from a base.
•Improved the player’s paths when leaving the field and heading back to the dugouts.
•Added code that helps eliminate errant check swings and throws to incorrect bases. Mostly for PS3 and PC users.

•Added a missing pause timer in the pitcher substitution menu.
•Improved the outfielder reaction for online games. Users won’t miss balls that should be caught due to slow reaction times.
•Adjusted pitch speed slider settings for ALLSTAR and LEGEND difficulty levels. This increases the difficulty for online gameplay.
•Fixed exchange of team rival information to eliminate a divergence.
•Exchanged inside edge data prior to franchise invite games to fix a divergence.

My Player
•Fixed bug where game length could be set to 3 innings by setting it in Play Ball.
•Fixed a crash that occurred when looking for season goals.
•Fixed a bug with career messages not properly adding when the list is full. This issue led to a crash on PS3.
•Fixed a bug where a pitch speed would decrease after completing a drill reward.
•Fixed a bug where off-speed pitches decrease in speed after receiving an award from a drill.