Demo for NCAA Football 13 Arriving During E3

Posted June 5th, 2012 at 9:15 am

EA Sports has announced that the demo for NCAA Football 13 will be out within the next couple days. It features three different matchups with each having (four) three minute quarters: USC vs Oregon, LSU vs Alabama, and Kansas State vs Baylor – as well as one Heisman Challenge game with Robert Griffin III. “Sharing” the demo over XBL or PSN will unlock five Nike Pro Combat uniforms for use in the retail version: LSU, Navy, Stanford, Boise State, and Ohio State.

(Update) The demo is out now for the Xbox 360 so PS3 should follow soon.

Clearly the release timing was planned by EA with the knowledge that there would be some backlash to the Infinity Engine not being implemented in NCAA. The demo is meant to act as a distraction – how it is received though will carry even larger weight considering the current perception of the product. If it is a strong effort that could turn the tide but if lackluster NCAA could be in some deep trouble. 

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