EA Sports Pledges Extra Attention to South Alabama for NCAA Football 14

Posted June 22nd, 2012 at 3:15 pm

Supporters of South Alabama – and those who value authenticity in the NCAA Football series – were upset by the news that the school was left out of NCAA Football 13. South Alabama is one of four schools entering the FBS this season and for some inexplicable reason EA Sports was apparently unaware of this despite the process being set in motion a few years ago.

In an attempt to make up for it EA has contacted South Alabama assuring them that they would “go above and beyond” what is typically done for a new FBS school by giving them the treatment afforded to the major institutions. The info comes from the Alabama news outlet AL.com which goes into detail on what the company has in store for the school. That includes the team’s authentic entrance, stadium sounds, crowd chants, playbook, and stadium as well as the inclusion of their mascot “SouthPaw”.