Amid Concerns Support for UFC Undisputed 3 to Continue – Or So Says THQ

Posted June 23rd, 2012 at 2:00 pm

Though THQ has pledged that a patch – which has been in the works apparently for over four months now – is still going to arrive for UFC Undisputed 3 consumers have understandably grown skeptical. The UFC license has been transferred to EA Sports and the THQ studio which worked on the series has been closed. The company has not been reliable with their promises thus far leaving many to feel they have been, and still are, simply being strung along. 

Despite that THQ would have no reason at this point to lie about a patch, state that the servers would remain up for the foreseeable future, and even go as far as to solicit feedback for a fighter stat update. That is what they have been doing in the weeks following the announcement of the sale of the license. They would gain nothing by making these statements if they had no intention of  following through with them.

No one would have been surprised if communication had ceased completely leaving UFC 3’s fan base in the dark. Continuing that relationship has been an admirable move – though it has become frustrating in its own right as the patch still has yet to materialize.

No, THQ won’t have to answer for the unacceptable length of time it will have taken to get a much needed patch out, but the UFC in particular would be the party to push for continued support in this situation. An abandonment of support would reflect most poorly on them.

The UFC brand is the one that matters here and it was likely a stipulation of agreeing to the license transfer. Doing further damage to the current UFC video game consumer base is something they would insist on avoiding – leaving THQ to finish what they started even though they’ve all but stripped away completely any resources dedicated to the game.