NCAA 13 Teambuilder Launches; Features Outdated Rosters and Uniforms

Posted June 28th, 2012 at 3:45 pm

The 2013 version of Teambuilder for NCAA Football 13 launched earlier today. The site features the ability to build and transfer teams into the game for use in Play Now or Dynasty. For the third year in a row the feature received very little attention getting only the new high school stadiums and uniform updates. Unfortunately the outlook for NCAA could be even worse now given the troubled rosters displayed within the feature. 

Teambuilder has also been notable not just for creating designs but for containing every team’s full roster and player ratings. Of serious concern is that the new version is displaying either last year’s rosters or some kind of wholly inaccurate blend with this year’s. Other areas of interest to check in on are the team uniforms, stadiums, and field art. By doing so it’s been discovered that apparently Missouri, Rutgers, and other schools that have new uniforms for this year will not have them reflected in NCAA 13. Oregon’s mirrored helmets worn in the Rose Bowl did make the cut giving them 10 helmets to choose from. The new FBS schools UMass, Texas State, and Texas-San Antonio have also been added.

Comment has been requested regarding the rosters in particular but it has yet to come. If the rosters found within Teambuilder are actually what is included in the base NCAA 13 product that would be similar to what happened with NCAA Football 10 which had original rosters made up of players that had graduated with some teams having no freshman on the rosters at all. That too was discovered through Teambuilder prior to the game’s release. EA Sports had to patch the rosters in that case without admitting that they were “inaccurate” given that, of course, they are not supposed to be based on real-life players.

(Update) The site was pulled, and then pushed live again, and it appears the rosters have been fully updated but more teams will have to be checked as to their accuracy.