Where the Community Stands on Purchasing NCAA Football 13

Posted July 2nd, 2012 at 11:15 am

Charting the track that NCAA Football 13 has taken to its release has been interesting. Coming off a year in which the series was plagued by a bevy of serious problems polls along the way showed anticipation levels were able to recover and rise for announcements related to gameplay, presentation, and Dynasty mode. The demo also provided some positive traction in a time that was hostile due to the lack of the “Infinity Engine” which was announced for Madden NFL 13. Support waned though with initial gameplay videos and the Heisman Challenge mode – in particular the “Reaction Time” feature which has not been all that well received.

With the game’s release now a week away – and only a matter of days for those with the Season Ticket subscription – it made for the right time to get a sampling of reasons behind why consumers were choosing to purchase or avoid NCAA Football 13.

What follows is a representative look at the common responses that came in via Twitter and Facebook and how they fit in with the big picture. 

•Many responses cite the $45 deal at Amazon as being what pushed them into a purchase. Whether that be with a long term outlook or simply to bridge the gap until Madden NFL 13’s release at the end of August.

@ first off it’s only $45. NCAA’s always fun In my opinion. Not to mention it’ll curb my absurd Madden 13 appetite.

@ Football junkie,Preordered for Will get it to help fill gap til Madden 13.Sure I can get 45 bucks worth out of dynasty
@ I’m only buying NCAA because of the Amazon deal.
Paul Fisher
@ I'm buying it to prepare for madden. Once madden hits NCAA13 getting traded in ASAP
Yr'Majesty Daddy
@ $45 Amazon /$30 trade in for Madden 13= $15 rental for 2 months 🙂 better than red box and gamefly
@ Amazon's $45 price tag (and my own $25 gift card) makes it easy to pick up the game for $20...which is probably what it's worth.
Jimmy Kraft

•The inability to import draft classes or Campus Legends into Madden this year – and the lack of the Infinity Engine – has turned some away from buying NCAA.

@ I was set to buy for $45 from Amazon, but lack of Infinity Engine and draft classes killed it for me. I'd rather wait for Madden

@ i wont be buying this year since u cant upload draft classes to madden ...that pretty much ruin offline for me
William Miller
@ I am skipping it. Mostly because my RTG won't import onto Madden. I am a really big Superstar fan.
Chris Fitzsimmons
@ I plan to skip it because there is no physics engine and I can not import draft classes into Madden 13. It's not worth it.
Michael Mann

•Others simply believe the series didn’t advance enough this year to justify buying it – or they still remain upset after the experience had with NCAA 12.

@ I will skip and wait for Madden 13, I feel like there wasn't many upgrades from NCAA 12
Mike Calcaterra

@ last year's online dynasty problems and lack of gameplay improvement have me not purchasing.
David W.
@ Skipping it. I played the Demo. Enough Said
Wes Turner
@ gonna Skip NCAA this year for years NCAA has been go to for franchise lovers now with Madden cc got what I need in Madden
@ I’ve bought every NCAA Football game since 98. But skipping this year. Disappointed with 12 and not enough improvement.

•Then there are those who feel differently about the improvements/additions – or simply buy on tradition or for a football fix.

@ Plan to buy because it's tradition for me and my friends. Much more excited for Madden.
Christian Antonio

@ not a ton of change, but that's okay because it's always been a solid game and love the online dynasty! Can't wait! Buy!
Matthew Barrett
@ it will keep me busy until madden... and I'll have at least whole month to judge whether to keep it or trade it in
Steve Bailey
@ The passing trajectories/defensive adjustments really change the game. First time I'm outright excited for the game in awhile.
@ Dynasty always makes or breaks this game. Recruiting looks to be much better, so I'm in.
Brook Banks

In gauging reactions what seemed to be missing was a true sense of enthusiasm towards NCAA 13. Many presented reasons why they’re buying the game but most came with justifiable caveats. It’s not the greatest outlook for NCAA – in particular with Madden having an opportunity to really excel this year – but if the game is stable and enjoyable it’ll have at least regained its footing and the $45 deal makes it potentially easier to overlook any shortcomings and subsequently draw sufficient value from the product.