New Additions Being Teased for SSX

Posted July 13th, 2012 at 6:45 pm

Though SSX struggled to gain market traction – retailers dropped the price in stunning fashion promptly following its late February release – EA Sports has continued to support the product well. A patch and tuner set was pushed out at the end of March and DLC followed a month later. Now they’re promoting more to come for the well-regarded game this summer.

A new video of a run in SSX has hit and EA claims that “even the cleverest eyes eyes will only spot a just some of what’s on the way.” So far the most common guesses have to do with “freeride” which is essentially just a wide open exploration mode and the return of Merqury City – but apparently there are a multitude of new things to discover. Continue on to check out the video and leave any thoughts in the comments!