Baylor Unsure Why Their Fight Song is Missing in NCAA Football 13

Posted July 16th, 2012 at 4:00 pm

Over the weekend Owen Good at Kotaku published a piece covering the discovery that numerous fight songs are missing from NCAA Football 13. It was puzzling in that several of those in question were included in the series in previous years and were now gone without explanation – and especially curious that it seemed concentrated in the Texas schools.

Baylor University, who’s own Robert Griffin III graces the cover of NCAA 13, responded today to the article stating that they had no involvement in the removal of their fight song. In fact it seems to have caught them completely off guard. 

“We had no conversation with anybody at EA Sports about the fight song,” Joos told Kotaku. “Nobody called and asked ‘Can it be in the game this year, do you want it in the game this year,’ and if they had, obviously we would have said yes.”

As noted in the article Baylor was especially inviting to EA given the publicity that they were receiving – as they’re typically overshadowed by the other Texas schools – by having their former star on the cover of the game and being involved in the process. That they weren’t notified of anything having to do with the fight song is bizarre.

There is evidently some level of communication failure going on with EA relating to NCAA 13. From South Alabama being left out, to the number of uniform omissions and inaccuracies, and now with schools losing their fight songs and not being aware that would be the case.

It’ll be interesting to see if EA comments on the matter. They’ve dealt with the earlier troubles privately with the universities rather than making official statements – though promising South Alabama special attention in NCAA 14 and plans to update uniforms throughout the year have eventually been made public through internal sources.