Development Underway on EA Sports UFC

Posted July 17th, 2012 at 10:15 am

EA Sports has made the announcement that development on EA Sports UFC has begun. That would appear to be the name of the new series – not that it was much in question – but that there is any news so soon and a tease of more to come following the transfer of the license in early June is a bit of a surprise. 

There is a lot to be learned about even just the basic plans for EA UFC. The game is being developed out of EA Canada but as of yet there is no target release date or platforms currently are being worked on. The agreement between EA and UFC was a wide ranging one meaning it won’t necessarily be held back just to debut on the next generation of consoles even though they may have their best opportunity to grow the series under those circumstances.

EA does have some resources already in place thanks to EA Sports MMA and the work that had been done on the sequel before it was shelved. However a UFC release within a year seemed to be an unlikely proposition given there was no development team in place and the evidence from dwindling sales of THQ’s efforts signaled that consumer demand is not present for a yearly title. That EA is already beginning to promote the series suggests they may have plans to debut something – whether that be a mobile, social, or full fledged console game – sooner than originally anticipated.

Expect further news on EA Sports UFC to come out of the media event the company is holding tomorrow and Thursday.