Online Races Appear Headed to SSX

Posted August 4th, 2012 at 2:15 pm

Despite the excellent social-based online system for SSX fans never stopped clamoring for traditional head-to-head racing. Two new screenshots and a video just released point towards that being a likely addition with upcoming DLC. 

Around three weeks ago EA Sports began to tease – in similar fashion as they did prior to release of the first set of DLC – something in the pipeline for SSX. The initial video led many to believe among new DLC options would be the return of Merqury City and the ability to “freeride”. Now the latest images and video suggest that head-to-head online play is also in the plans. Instead of racing against high scores and their respective “ghosts” users would be facing off against live opponents.

The announcement of DLC for SSX could very well come during the GamesCom conference which begins August 15.