Slew of Updates Release for Madden NFL 13

Posted September 14th, 2012 at 12:15 pm

It’s a big day for Madden NFL 13 as EA Sports has released a number of highly anticipated updates for the game. A standard roster update along with one for Connected Careers are out now and the Fantasy Draft feature has debuted for new “Online” Connected Careers after last night’s surprising announcement. EA Sports promised better post-release support and so far they are delivering on that.¬†

The standard roster update reflects changes following week one of the season and is available to use for Online and Play Now games. Details on all the changes can be found here.

The new career update is the original final 53 man rosters which were prepared for the start of the regular season. Those are now available to choose from when starting a new Connected Career. The option to use the earlier 75 man preseason roster remains.

Then there is the addition of the Fantasy Draft which is open to “Online” Connected Careers. This was pushed live server side bypassing the need to go through the process of being patched. This option is selected within a league during the early advancement to begin the season once owners are in or if just going solo. The draft slotting is random and then takes on a “snake” selection order, there are 45 seconds for each pick and teams take 54 players, and the draft can be paused or auto-advanced.