A Look at Online Association Commissioner Options in NBA 2K13

Posted October 1st, 2012 at 5:15 pm

Though Association has faded into the background as 2K Sports pushes advancements with other modes it was going to be absolutely necessary to at least make Online Association, introduced in 2K12 but in a practically unusable state, functional at a minimum for 2K13. Improvements include the ability to reset game results, adjust sliders, sim games with a team predetermined as a winner, and pause the league’s advancement clock.

Continue on to check out a video of a user flipping through Online Association and the various options within it at the disposal of the commissioner. A look at the sliders begins at 2:36 while simulating and resetting games is seen starting at 5:12. Unfortunately this video won’t answer the big questions that remain in order to make the mode user-friendly. Whether aspects like the advancement clocks actually make sense, users can reenter if they are booted accidentally, scrimmages or alerts to events like the trade deadline have been added, or a single anonymous veto can trash a trade…much more remains to be discovered.