Breast Cancer Awareness Month Represented Within Madden NFL 13

Posted October 3rd, 2012 at 11:15 am

One neat authentic touch that began with Madden NFL 11 was incorporating the Breast Cancer Awareness month in the series. Pink accessories for both players and referees, goal post padding, field art, kicking tees, sideline caps, ribbons for coaches, and a ribbon on the football (among other elements of the program) made their way into Madden games that took place in October in Franchise and for the entirety of the month through a designated BCA mode for Play Now while being reflected within all online games.

With Madden NFL 13 the Breast Cancer Awareness month campaign is back now for the third straight year but isn’t being seen throughout every mode and elsewhere has been appearing either inconsistently or even improperly.¬†From personal testing the basic Play Now games do not have it at all, Connected Careers (both offline and online) have it for games played in the month of October – but then never goes away for the rest of the season. It is also found in online games and that should be the case for every one played throughout the month.

Reports though have varied on when BCA month is being reflected in games seemingly differing from person to person so hopefully EA Sports addresses the issues with it shortly.