Editing of Player Appearance Being Disabled in Madden NFL 13 Online Connected Careers

Posted October 25th, 2012 at 5:30 pm

Though the recent patch for Madden NFL 13 introduced the ability to edit players within Connected Careers mode it was quickly discovered that making any change would dramatically alter the appearance of certain players. EA Sports finally responded to the issue today by declaring that the ability to edit the look of existing players will be disabled as of Friday. Editing of created players will remain available however.

While they have not been entirely clear on what “the functionality being disabled” entails it likely means the ‘Appearance’ page (seen above) will be completely removed. Hopefully in doing so making any change to a player – because even changing any info or equipment led to the scrawny look – will no longer be an issue. If however the entire ability to edit current players is being removed that would then likely prompt a more justifiably disgruntled response.