Evaluating Current Quarterback Ratings in Madden NFL 13

Posted October 29th, 2012 at 11:45 am

There will always be some level of debate when it comes to player ratings in any sports video game. Madden, with the frequent roster updates, gets the most scrutiny as adjustments are made on such a regular basis that it should result in the most accurate representation of a player’s current status within the league.

Player ratings will be heavily influenced by the past – that is the baseline to adjust from as new data is added – but the purpose should be to present each individual as they are performing currently. Of course, stats don’t tell everything, but they do frame a player into a performance bracket. There are numerous other variables involved but when it comes to a video game few of those things directly translate and instead it falls on their attributes and production.

With all that in mind it made sense to examine how players are performing against their overall player rating in Madden NFL 13 and see how things shook out beginning with quarterbacks today. By looking at their stats, the average starting QB having a 56 QBR and 86 overall rating in Madden, which players are outplaying their ratings (in a relative comparison) and which have yet to be adjusted downward properly? 





Aaron Rodgers 2165-69.0%-21TD-4INT-72.3QBR 99 —–
Drew Brees 2310-59.7%-20TD-8INT-65.7QBR 98 Slightly Overrated
Tom Brady 2408-65.3%-16TD-3INT-79.2QBR 98 —–
Eli Manning 2301-62.6%-12TD-8INT-74.3QBR 95 —–
Ben Roethlisberger 1987-66.8%-14TD-3INT-75.6QBR 95 —–
Peyton Manning 2113-68.5%-17TD-4INT-82.5QBR 95 Underrated
Matt Ryan 2018-68.7%-17TD-6INT-77.6QBR 91 Vastly Underrated
Tony Romo 2073-65.7%-9TD-13INT-56.4QBR 90 Slightly Overrated
Joe Flacco 1837-59.5%-9TD-6INT-53.9QBR 89 Slightly Overrated
Matt Schaub 1650-63.1%-10TD-4INT-66.5QBR 89 —–
Philip Rivers 1646-64.6%-10TD-9INT-35.7QBR 89 Vastly Overrated
Michael Vick 1823-59.0%-9TD-8INT-53.3QBR 89 Overrated
Matthew Stafford 2108-63.3%-8TD-7INT-62.8QBR 88 —–
Cam Newton 1701-57.1%-5TD-8INT-39.1QBR 88 Vastly Overrated
Jay Cutler 1545-58.1%-9TD-8INT-51.2QBR 87 Slightly Overrated
Alex Smith 1659-69.4%-12TD-5INT-70.7QBR 87 Underrated
Robert Griffin III 1778-66.8%-8TD-3INT-70.9QBR 87 Underrated
Carson Palmer 1941-60.2%-9TD-5INT-51.9QBR 84 Slightly Overrated
Andrew Luck 1971-55.6%-8TD-8INT-72.2QBR 84 Underrated
Josh Freeman 1800-55.2%-14TD-5INT-48.1QBR 83 —–
Andy Dalton 1831-64.2%-13TD-10INT-52.7QBR 83 —–
Ryan Fitzpatrick 1435-61.0%-15TD-9INT-48.2QBR 82 —–
Sam Bradford 1797-61.4%-8TD-7INT-46.1QBR 81 Slightly Overrated
Matt Hasselbeck 1167-63.8%-6TD-4INT-53.6QBR 81 Slightly Underrated
Russell Wilson 1466-61.4%-10TD-8INT-53.0QBR 79 Slightly Underrated
Kevin Kolb 1169-59.6%-8TD-3INT-38.0QBR 78 Overrated
Mark Sanchez 1736-52.9%-10TD-8INT-32.2QBR 78 Vastly Overrated
Ryan Tannehill 1472-59.1%-4TD-6INT-53.4QBR 78 Underrated
Christian Ponder 1743-65.3%-10TD-7INT-53.1QBR 78 Underrated
Matt Cassel 1368-59.7%-6TD-10INT-41.7QBR 77 Overrated
Brandon Weeden 1912-55.2%-9TD-10INT-19.5QBR 76 Vastly Overrated
Blaine Gabbert 1209-55.6%-7TD-3INT-43.3QBR 75 —–