NBA 2K13 Adds Daily Pick’em for VC

Posted November 2nd, 2012 at 10:15 am

The system of currency known as VC throughout NBA 2K13 is widely perceived to be the worst aspect of the game this year as it afflicts every mode and alters the way an individual might typically choose to play. There is no getting around that though so it’s worth looking at the ways to supplement VC earnings and so far they have included the Facebook and mobile extensions that tie into MyCareer and MyTeam. Now with the start of the season comes an additional way to earn some extra VC. 

At halftime of the first game of NBA 2K13 to be played in a given day the opportunity is presented to pick the winners of the slate of NBA games. It seems the option arises to do so through any mode except possibly online games where halftime more likely would be skipped over. There is only the one chance to pick the games as that screen doesn’t show up in subsequent playthroughs of NBA 2K13 the rest of the day.

A few issues with the system include being able to pick the games after they’ve actually tipped off – the first night of the season I was able to submit picks while many were already in the second half – and that the VC isn’t actually being awarded. The screen above showed as having won 20 VC but that has not been added to my total. Others have reported the screen showing earnings of 0 VC despite having selected some of the winners.

The easiest way to get to the pick-em is to set a “Quick” or “NBA Today” game to one minute quarters and breeze through to halftime. Is it worth even that time investment though? Probably not as each winner is worth only 20 VC. Even picking a number of games right won’t amount to a significant enough tally of VC to make it worth going out of the way for. In the course of normal play however it makes sense to get in the picks and get whatever one can for their VC totals.