Uniform Pack Featuring UCLA and Mississippi State Released for NCAA Football 13

Posted November 8th, 2012 at 2:15 pm

A significant number of teams have debuted new alternate uniforms and helmets over recent weeks yet EA Sports has refused comment on when, or even if, they would make their way into NCAA Football 13 through the Uniform Store. A new pack of unis arrived today but only includes three additions leaving the fate of the many others up in the air.

The “Adidas Strategy Uniform Pack 3” goes for $2 (or equivalent 160 MS points) and includes two alternates for Mississippi State and one for UCLA.¬†All of the non-default unis added post-release to NCAA 13 then have been Adidas which could signify there being an agreement to add those over the course of the season and not others like Nike, Russell, and Under Armour.