First Regular Season Roster Update for NBA 2K13 Available Now

Posted November 10th, 2012 at 11:45 am

The latest roster update for NBA 2K13 released early this morning representing the first to arrive since the season began. Unfortunately, as many have come to expect now, the update is severely deficient as only 3 of the 30 missing players have been added. Alexey Shved (60), Pablo Prigioni (63), and Mirza Teletovic (64) are the new additions though having been saddled with generic faces. It’s unclear why it has been such a struggle for 2K Sports to provide accurate rosters and the consumer frustration being expressed regarding them is completely justified.

In addition two players received adjustments to their ratings. Yes that’s it…just two players. James Harden goes up to 83 (+2) and Damian Lillard rises to 77 (+6). No other players were touched. A number of injured players are still active for online games, some players still have the wrong jersey numbers, and Mike Brown remains as the Lakers head coach. He’ll likely be swapped out when an official replacement is hired in the coming days.