NBA 2K13 Week Two Roster Update: Mike D’Antoni Added But Still Missing 25 Players

Posted November 14th, 2012 at 10:45 am

Two weeks now into the NBA season and 2K Sports has still failed to provide an accurate roster for NBA 2K13. In the latest update released today two players (P.J. Tucker and Alan Anderson) were added to the game. 25 players remain missing now.

The Bobcats-Hornets swap of Matt Carroll for Hakim Warrick has been completed. In truly random fashion only one player had ratings adjusted as Landry Fields dropped by a single point. Seemingly no rhyme or reason to that – nothing was done for the guys who have been performing at a higher level than their ratings so far this season. That makes it just three players so far this year who’ve had their ratings moved.¬†Current injuries still are not reflected properly as well.