Ultimate Team Mode in Madden NFL 13 Will Offer New Way to Play

Posted November 28th, 2012 at 4:45 pm

Earlier today the news hit that another patch for Madden NFL 13 is imminent and that it will primarily focus on adding new features to Ultimate Team mode. Now Game Informer has information on an additional feature that will be added to the game on Friday presumably through a server-side update.

Known as “Draft Duels” the feature involves essentially drafting a team from card packs against an opponent and then facing off with those teams on the field. Coins and Ultimate Team packs will be allocated based on performance in the mode and the cards are kept after. The Draft Duel packs have to be purchased (with coins or real money) to participate.

Each player starts out with a pre-determined number of unopened, Draft Duels specific card packs that contain nine players apiece. Both players pick one card from their pack during a timed round that varies based on whether you play the short or standard version of the mode, which also determines whether you start out with one or three Draft Duel packs, respectively (five-pack Duels may be available after launch). The next round you get to see all the cards in your opponent’s pack and you pick from their pack and vice versa. In subsequent rounds you alternate between picking from your pack and his/hers until all the packs are opened and players picked.¬†At launch Draft Duel players will come in bronze, silver, and gold flavors.

While those who enjoy Ultimate Team may like this new spin on the mode, which adds a new element of strategy to playing games rather than constantly building up and facing stronger well-established units, again those who don’t care about it will feel as though resources are being allocated to the wrong areas of the game as many expressed earlier today. Given the huge revenue generated by Ultimate Team mode though it should be no surprise that EA Sports will try to keep momentum going there by adding content as the season starts to wind down.