Former Madden Developer Speaks Out Regarding Frustrations and Disappointments

Posted December 3rd, 2012 at 9:30 am

There are always the arguments about why a product, in this particular case Madden, may not live up to expectations. Generally those discussions take place between people who don’t have the necessary information to make a true determination regarding the various failures or misguided decisions that were made along the way. In more dramatic cases details may come from sources directly in the know speaking out and quite possibly against their own good within the industry and apparently when not under NDA. Some might consider such an act unfiltered honesty and standing up for consumers while others may perceive doing so as an unprofessional meltdown. Regardless it’s a perspective that the public rarely gets to hear.

So when a former developer openly comments on disgust with the process and people making decisions it is well worth contemplating what is being said and Рbeyond just the entertainment of it all Рhoping that it leads to change for the better. AJ Dembroski, who worked on Madden NFL 12 and Madden NFL 13, was on a roll on Twitter yesterday doing just that.

Continue on for the entire flow of tweets relating to the subject presented without further commentary. Keep in mind however that it is just one side of the story and though likely carries truth there is surely a lot more that goes on behind the scenes that factor in to the work situation and final result. Make sure to then leave any thoughts in the comments!