NBA 2K13 Week 12 Roster Update Details

Posted January 17th, 2013 at 10:00 am


A new roster update for NBA 2K13 arrived this morning and delivers a number of ratings adjustments. Having started to look as though it would be unreachable LeBron James moves up a point to 99 overall. Three decent games were apparently enough to up Earl Clark as what the 17-21 Lakers definitely require are upgrades and not downgrades (Antawn Jamison is still somehow 77). The trend of raising far more players – even though it hasn’t been a significant number in each update throughout the season – without dropping near as many remains troublesome. Two Geralds, Wallace and Green, do take big hits however.

Ratings Up: Brandon Jennings (+1 to 83), Jared Sullinger (+3 to 72), Tony Allen (+2 to 76), LeBron James (+1 to 99), Robin Lopez (+4 to 69), Earl Clark (+3 to 67), Kosta Koufos (+7 to 64), George Hill (+1 to 75), Paul George (+2 to 83), Ed Davis (+3 to 71), Kevin Durant (+1 to 95)

Ratings Down: Tyrus Thomas (-1 to 70), Monta Ellis (-2 to 83), Gerald Wallace (-4 to 79), Gerald Green (-6 to 70)

Injury Status: Chris Wilcox (-10 to 55), Marvin Williams (returns to 66), Iman Shumpert (returns to 80), Dwight Howard (returns to 92), Pau Gasol (returns to 81), Glen Davis (returns to 73), Wilson Chandler (returns to 80), Manu Ginobili (-8 to 78)