NBA 2K13 Week 16 Roster Update Details

Posted February 12th, 2013 at 10:45 am


A new roster update arrived today for NBA 2K13 closing what became a two week gap without one. The focus in the update was clearly on adjusting injuries with any potential ratings changes taking a back seat until later. The big winner – not just in the significant shift but being the only player in the league to move – is Jimmy Butler rising eight points. Alvin Gentry remains on the sidelines for the Phoenix Suns having yet to be replaced by Lindsey Hunter.

Ratings Up: Jimmy Butler (+8 to 75)

Ratings Down: None

Injury Status: Thaddeus Young (-6 to 68), Jason Richardson (-12 to 62), Byron Mullens (returns to 69), Daniel Gibson (returns to 65), Jared Sullinger (-6 to 66), Chris Paul (returns to 94), Chauncey Billups (returns to 81), Quincy Pondexter (returns to 61), Gordon Heyward (-11 to 57), Pau Gasol (-19 to 62), Deron Williams (-14 to 72), Sam Young (returns to 68), Andre Drummond (-12 to 57), Jonas Valanciunas (returns to 68), Andrea Bargnani (returns to 73)