2K Combo Pack with MLB and NBA Returns But at Reduced Value

Posted February 19th, 2013 at 6:30 pm


Last year 2K Sports bundled MLB 2K12 and NBA 2K12 in early March for $70 and limited it to the Xbox 360. The combo presented a good option for those who were already interested in MLB to spend just $10 more and get NBA along with it, acting as a quasi-price drop given that game was still going for $30+ on its own at that time. Amazon even offered a $10 promo credit with pre-orders making it essentially a $60 package for the two.

The combo pack is back for MLB 2K13 and NBA 2K13 but this time it’ll go for $80 and be available on both the 360 and PS3. The value offered has been significantly hampered by raising the price but still represents an advantage over purchasing the two separately until retailer deals start appearing for MLB. That could happen within a matter of days following its release.