MLB 2K13 Being Kept Hidden Even With Release Right Around The Corner

Posted February 19th, 2013 at 9:30 am


When the news broke that the MLB 2K series would be getting a one year reprieve expectations for the product were made justifiably lower than already had been normal. With a constrained development cycle and bleak outlook towards any future there became no reason to expect anything better than what would amount to an update of 2K12. In the month since the announcement 2K Sports has done nothing but further cement that troubled perception. 

Two weeks remain until MLB 2K13 releases. Outside of promotion for the Perfect Game Contest there has been no information about the actual game released. The features list made available by the company contained nothing of note that wasn’t already in 2K12 and only a single screenshot (which has multiple inaccuracies) has been put on display. 2K has a history of holding their marketing until later in the process but nothing has approached the tactic on display here when it comes to a league licensed title. They’ve stalled on occasions from showing footage of games but have never avoided talking them up.

At this point it is legitimate to question whether something as necessary as the Astros moving to the AL West and year-long interleague play will even be represented in 2K13. Simple annual adjustments like changes to stadiums, uniforms, and commentary are up in the air. Until anything is specifically stated or seen, which may not happen until after the game releases, assuming anything to have been done would be unwise.

All signs point to a rush job being done to just have a game on shelves just to avoid leaving the Xbox 360 without a baseball offering for the year. There is no pre-order incentive being offered, which would have necessitated being set up in advance of when the deal was struck as development resumed in the late fall, and all bets would be on no demo being offered. The company hasn’t even bothered setting up a forum for 2K13 on their official site. It would also be a surprise if any outlets received review copies prior to release as they attempt to avoid the negative publicity that would come until after the unsuspecting day-one purchasers have obtained it.

Consumers have been burned too many times to just buy games on faith and they shouldn’t be making the leap here. Even if there would be franchises worthy of that kind of trust MLB 2K would certainly not be among them. Unless there is an actual effort to prove that the game has been improved in a manner to justify another $60 investment people should steer well clear and wait for retailers to try and unload the game with deals not long after it hits the market or just pass altogether. If 2K doesn’t have confidence in the product enough to even discuss it, and they hope to deceive consumers be avoiding doing so, then it is not worth any purchase consideration.