Rumor Has Christopher Nolan Producing Justice League and Christian Bale Possibly Returning as Batman

Posted March 9th, 2013 at 6:15 pm


While much rides on the success or lack thereof for the upcoming Man of Steel in June, which has been getting some amazing early screening buzz, planning for a potential Justice League film has continued. In the developmental stages for quite some time now but with difficulty bringing everything together the plan now would be to follow the Superman film with Justice League which could also then become the springboard for other character franchises.

Though Christopher Nolan stepped away from Batman following The Dark Knight trilogy the site Latino Review, which has a great track record with rumors, is reporting that he will produce and oversee the film (much like he has with Man of Steel). The other part of the rumor which seems a little harder to immediately buy into is that Christian Bale could return as Batman. Bale had declared he was done with the character and the ending of The Dark Knight Rises would make it difficult to explain how he could end up back behind the cowl again.