Another Week 20 NBA 2K13 Roster Update

Posted March 16th, 2013 at 11:15 am


Following on the heels of an earlier roster update for NBA 2K13 this week which most prominently moved Aaron Brooks from free agency to the Rockets, the latest released today adjusts the ratings for a few players and affects injury status for a number of others. Continued concern over the balance to the updates is warranted as six players were increased while none received decreases. Two players also still share the same number on the Houston roster with Thomas Robinson incorrectly wearing #0.

Ratings Up: Tristan Thompson (+4 to 72), Dwight Howard (+1 to 90), Maurice Harkless (+7 to 73), Deron Williams (+2 to 88), Corey Brewer (+5 to 73), Lance Stephenson (+6 to 75)

Injury Status: Nick Young (returns to 73), Omri Casspi (returns to 62), Eric Bledsoe (-13 to 68), Darrell Arthur (-11 to 61), James Johnson (-11 to 55), Shawn Marion (-12 to 67), Brandon Knight (-8 to 68), Andrea Bargnani (-6 to 67), Bradley Beal (-8 to 67)